Compact Surveillance Radar Systems Like The FORTIS-RDS Can Spot The Criminal Up To 5km Out, Giving You Enough Time To Prepare For The Coming Threat


Fortis Defence Systems is a part of the Fortis Group, specialising in hi-tech radar defence systems and thermal / night vision units.

The biggest issue when dealing with crime is to know where and when the criminals will strike. Current systems in the market do not give enough early warning to react to threats, and a system of pro-active measures can only go so far in dealing with crime.

With over 24 years experience in the safety and security arena in South Africa, Africa and elsewhere, Fortis incorporated Compact Surveillance Radar systems nl FORTIS-RDS and thermal / night vision units in their safety plans when consulting for customers.

Compact Surveillance Radar systems like the FORTIS-RDS range of products can spot the criminal up to 5km out, giving you enough time to prepare for the coming threat.

Day Or Night, No Matter The Weather Conditions

Be it your home, your cattle or sheep, other farming produce, mining, your factory or business or any other asset you need to protect, nothing can give you as much early warning as a FORTIS-RDS Compact Surveillance Radar system can.

We have various options available ranging from our smallest unit, capable of 120m range to our largest unit capable of 5km range.

Once you have detected an incoming threat, you can position yourself of your reaction force, equipped with the correct handheld thermals or night vision sets, to ensure you meet the incoming threat head-on, thereby taking the advantage.

Get in touch to discuss your needs, and we will assist you with a complete safety plan and suggestions.

Other Services and Products

Fortis Group started in 1996 and has been involved in all sectors, providing a variety of services and products to customers. Today Fortis is a well-known brand, not only in South Africa but in Africa as well as other countries in the world.

We offer

  • Safety Consultations
  • Risk Analysis
  • Training of groups like security companies, tactical teams or anti poaching teams
  • A variety of products like torches, peppersprays, plate carriers and more
  • Teams of operators to help farmers on their farms in specific cases