Night Vision & Thermal Equipment

To fully complement your Compact Surveillance Radar system (FORTIS-RDS), or as a stand-alone product, we offer you tried, tested and proven handheld NV and thermal equipment.

Your Compact Surveillance Radar has picked up intruders and you or your reaction time then proceeds to intercept. You will now need eyes in the dark to keep the advantage. This is when you need quality handheld equipment to ensure you see them first.

Fortis has been actively involved in anti-poaching, anti stock theft and anti farm attack operations since 1996 and our operators use this equipment on a daily basis all over South Africa. Who then better to advise you which units will work best for your specific scenario?

We are continuously upgrading our own equipment as used by our operators so you can rest assured that we will always give the best advice. We understand the second price is a wooden jacket.

We are not just salesmen, we bring 24 years of working with the equipment to the deal. Don’t wait, speak to us today!

PARD Thermal & Night Vision

The video below shows a novice shooter shooting an AR 223 for the first time with the PARD rifle mounted at 50m from a standing position

  • Excellent field performance in the wild: up to 200m observation range powered by 4x objective lens + enhanced nighttime sensitivity + 800×600 eyepiece
    WORLD’S MOST LIGHTWEIGHTED at 250g, Compatible with micro-SD card Port, support up to 128GB SD card, powered by18650 lithium rechargeable battery replaceable
  • High-Resolution Video Recording & Photos and WIFI Streaming – allow you to broadcast and record all of your night experience, using your phone/tablet as a viewfinder.
  • Function either as an independent handheld monocular telescope or rifle scope attachment with the help of multi-size adapters suitable for various diameter
    DESIGNED for use in the lowlight, complete darkness and daytime for amateur and professional activities such as night hunting, sports shooting, outdoor hiking exploration, night observation

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