Fortis Radar Models

With a Fortis Compact Radar System you can now get advanced warning of a perimeter breach WITH intruder tracking capability up to 15km away.  Day or night, rain or shine there is no hiding from our Compact Radar System.

Below we show some specs on our Compact Radar Surveillance Systems as well as pricing.

The main difference is in the model name – 60 means the Radar has a capability of detecting a human up to 60m, 120 means a human can be detected up to 120m and 450 the same for 450m etc.

All the systems are statically placed with a 90-degree detection angle and the range as specified in the model name. See below for tech specs and prices (keeping in mind that prices are an estimate and can change depending on where the installation will be and what infrastructure is already in place).

You can read more about the applications of our Compact Radar Surveillance System Here.

We Have Various Models To Choose From

Models Range From 50m To 15km Distance Monitoring

Contact us for complete quotations as the price is influenced by various factors, such as how many units are needed, how many PTZ’s already on-site, other infrastructure already on-site, demographics of the site etc.

A risk analysis of the area will help us serve you with a detailed quotation for the best ROI on systems purchased.

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